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Trail Bells

Trail Bells

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Trail Bells

Whether you're biking through rugged terrain or hiking the backwoods, our Trail Bells will keep your dog safe and easy to locate. Crafted with reflective paracord and a durable, locking carabiner, these bells are designed to withstand the rigors of the outdoors while providing peace of mind for you and your furry friend.

Why You'll Love It:

  • Reflective Paracord: The reflective material ensures visibility in low-light conditions, enhancing your dog's safety during dawn or dusk adventures.
  • Secure Wildlife Disturbance: The bell's gentle yet audible sound alerts small wildlife of your dog's presence, reducing the chances of sudden chases.
  • Loud and Clear: Loud enough to keep track of your dog's whereabouts, even when they're exploring out of sight.
  • Strong and Durable Carabiner: The robust locking carabiner can securely attach to your dog's harness, ensuring the bells stay in place during vigorous activities.
  • Multi-functional Carabiner: The carabiner can also be used to attach additional gear, like a dry bag for doggy essentials, making it a versatile tool for any adventure.

Designed for trail dogs and their owners who love to explore the great outdoors, our Trail Bells are perfect for keeping your dog within earshot while biking, hiking, or camping. Simply attach the bells to your dog's harness using the sturdy carabiner, and enjoy your adventures knowing your dog is safe and easy to locate. Whether you're navigating through dense heather or racing down a bike trail, our Trail Bells provide the assurance and convenience you need for a worry-free outing with your best friend.

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