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Ride Safe Dog Seat Belt

Ride Safe Dog Seat Belt

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Ride Safe Car Seat Belt

Reduce the chance of distractions whilst out driving with your dog by using our Ride Safe Dog Seat Belt. Not only is it illegal to travel with an unsecured dog both in the front and in the back of your vehicle, it can also be highly distracting for you as a driver. Bark + Rides Ride Safe Dog Seat Belt is the ideal solution to securing your canine companion in the vehicle. With an ISO-FIX connection on one end and a high strength swivel carabiner to connect to a harness, the Ride Safe Dog Seat Belt will prevent your pup from roaming about in the vehicle.

Why Your Dog Will Love It:

  • Adjustable: Fully adjustable to suit as many vehicles and dogs as possible.
  • Strong and Lightweight: Made from high-strength webbing that is rated to 900kg, the Ride Safe Dog Seat Belt provides a high degree of safety to your dog.
  • Swivel Carabiner: An easy to use and lockable high strength carabiner to clip to your dogs harness

Using the Ride Safe Car Seat Belt along with the Bark + Ride Lewis Adventure Harness will provide plenty of security and safety for your travelling pooch.

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