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Nova Dog Chews

Highland Antler Natural Dog Chew

Highland Antler Natural Dog Chew

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Highland Antler Natural Dog Chew

The Highland Antler Chew from Nova Dog Chews provide a premium, all-natural solution for dogs craving satisfying, long-lasting chews. These chews are made from naturally shed deer antlers sourced from the highlands, packed with nutrients like calcium and phosphorus to promote dental health. Designed for dogs of all sizes, they offer a durable chewing experience. Nova Dog Chews emphasizes quality, ensuring these chews are free from artificial additives and preservatives. Ideal for supporting dental hygiene and reducing anxiety, the Highland Antler Chews are a top choice for dog owners seeking high-quality, sustainable, and enjoyable treats for their furry friends.

Small Min 50g - For small breeds

Medium Min 75g - For medium breeds

Large Min 150g - For large breeds

Extra Large Min 220g - For extra large breeds

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