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Antos Cod Stick

Antos Cod Stick

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Antos Cod Stick

Elevate your dog's treat time with our premium Antos Cod Sticks, perfect for health-conscious pups who love a nutritious and delicious snack. Fresh from the waters of the North Sea, these cod sticks are carefully dried and preserved to maintain their natural flavour and nutrient-rich profile. Packed with essential omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and proteins, these crunchy treats support your dog's overall health and vitality.

Why Your Dog Will Love It:

  • North Sea Freshness: Sourced from the clean, cold waters of the North Sea, ensuring top-quality and rich flavour.
  • Nutrient-Dense: Loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and proteins to boost your dog's health.
  • Single Ingredient: Made with 100% natural cod, providing a pure and wholesome treat.
  • Grain and Gluten-Free: Ideal for dogs with dietary sensitivities, promoting easy digestion.
  • Crunchy Texture: Dried to perfection to give your dog a satisfying crunch they'll love.
  • Great For Light Chewers: Antos Cod Sticks are soft enough for light chewers to manage well. 

Treat your dog to the irresistible taste and health benefits of Antos Cod Sticks. Whether rewarding good behaviour or simply indulging your furry friend, these premium treats are sure to become a favourite in your household.

Analytical Constituents

  • Crude Protein 86%
  • Crude Oil & Fat 3%
  • Crude Ash 9%


100% Cod

Feeding Information

Suitable for all breeds and sizes and puppies older than 4 months. We recommend that they should be fed to puppies older than 4 months.

Feed no more than one per day as part of a healthy and balanced diet. if you are unsure about the appropriate amount to feed, consult your vet for guidance

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